10Operational systems are the foundation for enterprise applications and a good setup, parameterization and administration ensure the best optimization of hardware and software resources. The costs tend to rise when the operating systems are not properly managed.

Whatever your need for operating systems, our team of professionals will help you and your company to take advantage of the potential of Microsoft operating systems, Linux, Unix and iOS.

Our portfolio of operating systems consists of:

  • Installation and Operation System Configuration;
  • Monitoring Operating System Services;
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies;
  • Domain Controllers installation;
  • Installation of WTS Servers;
  • Implementation of Virtualized Servers;
  • Upgrades and updates of operating systems;
  • Ongoing support in operating systems;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of our portfolio of operating systems:

  • Up to date operating systems;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Efficiency in solving problems;
  • Ready reliable service;
  • Experience in various operating systems.
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