18The solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data enable the integration of high amount of data, systems and technologies making it transparent to users, allowing them to extract and analyze the enterprise and external information in a simple way, in a correct, structured and timely format.

A Business Intelligence solution and / or Big Data designed properly and reliably enables the company to make better business decisions, faster, with information, sometimes unknown by the company and assisting business people on daily basis.

Datainfo is widely experienced in BI projects and extends and works new knowledge in Big Data and can help your company to design and implement a targeted solution to your needs, which will maximize the investment and provide real information for the decisions your company must take.

Our portfolio of Business Intelligence and Big Data consists of :

  • Development with QlikView suite;
  • Development with Pentaho suite;
  • Development with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition platform;
  • Development with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence platform;
  • Big Data solution implementation with IBM Big Data platform;
  • Big Data solution implementation with Oracle Big Data platform;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of Business Intelligence solutions and Big Data:

  • Allows to extract and integrate data from multiple sources;
  • Understands the business trends;
  • Searches relations of cause and effect;
  • Transforms data into information and knowledge;
  • Distributes the company information more widely;
  • Obtains strategic data more easily;
  • Handles high volume of structured and unstructured data;
  • Makes decision-making more proactive.
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