Full IT Outsourcing in the State Department of Health of Santa Catarina

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Authority: State Department of Health of Santa Catarina
Sector: Services – Health
Servers: 15,000
Location: Florianópolis – SC

BUSINESS: The State Department of Health of Santa Catarina (SES) is the public agency responsible for ensuring the access of Santa Catarina state to health services, coordinating, planning and evaluating the policy and health activities in the state, in regard to solving services, encouraging partnerships, health regionalization and social control, aiming at promoting the prevention and recovery of health to improve the population’s quality of life.

CHALLENGE: The SES Information Technology department (Getin) is responsible for the management and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure (Information Technology) used by the body as well as the development of specific systems for its management. The IT department ensures the civil service conditions and the technologies needed for this to run their work, as well as access to relevant information, with quality and speed.

With the rapid growth of the State Department of Health of Santa Catarina, with an IT environment increasingly complex and to ensure a better level of service to the Secretariat, SES decided to 5 (years) outsource their IT operations to a company specializing in Full Outsourcing.

SOLUTION:  For more efficiency in IT demands, SES drafted a public notice to start  a public trading, won by Datainfo Solutions in Information Technology Ltda. Datainfo provided the contract with skilled professional, cutting-edge infrastructure and a variety of IT services, which made the SES IT more complete on everyday basis. A full Outsourcing, SES may make use of a unique combination in which all IT Infrastructure offerings, Systems and Service Desk teamed up to build a complete IT environment.

BENEFITS: As Full Outsourcing Datainfo is a customized solution, designed to meet the needs of SES safe and qualified way, SES has delegated its IT  management to Datainfo IT environment. Therefore, it became faster for SES to implement projects and to reach greater maturity in their IT infrastructure. Thus, SES was able to focus on its mission and commitment to improve health. Any IT related difficulty is a responsibility of Datainfo by facilitating the administrative routine of SES, allowing it to focus on strategic issues. According to Mauricio Castro Steps, Technology Manager of Information and Electronic Governance of SES, “Datainfo Outsourcing focuses on reducing costs, ensuring high quality services, and constantly updating technology.”

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