Ministry of Communications hires Datainfo expertise

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The Ministry of Communications is the latest client of Datainfo, a 10-year-old company in the market located in Blumenau, to use the Pentaho Business Intelligence tool, which can be translated into Business Intelligence. The Blumenauense company is a pioneer in the region in regard to offering the Pentaho solution and all its facilities.

“In our area we are experts in this tool which, being an open source software (open source), features a free license Community version, so it becomes effective and an economical solution for collecting and cross-form data in a fast and accurate way for all sizes, “says BI consultant, Mark Schmidt.

In August 2012, Datainfo began the study and further development of a BI platform. In January this year, came into operation the first phase of this tool using the Pentaho. In this first phase, data was included on community radio stations, with the provision of location maps and charts and analysis on this subject, grants, issued warnings, renovations and status of processes. The second phase will include data from Anatel, IPEA and IBGE, generating useful scenarios for decision making regarding policies and strategies in the communications industry.

According to Schmidt, companies of all sizes need a good BI project in order to get accurate information, quickly and helpful in making decisions. Without the resources of ID it is necessary to fabricate the manual form of reports and then, depending on the data  needed, it is their intersection with the aid of spreadsheets. “With Pentaho the information  obtained is in  the shape you want and whenever  you need it,” he explains.

Author: Ministry of Communications
Vertical: IT Consulting

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