SAP Project Management

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Company: Cia Hering.
Industry: Textiles
Employees: 8,000
Location: Blumenau – SC

BUSINESS: Cia. Hering has built a story of continuous innovation over more than a century. Founded in 1880 by the two brothers Bruno and Hermann Hering, the company has reinvented itself and is following the evolution of society, dressing up generations.

Cia. Hering currently has five brands in its portfolio – Hering, Hering Kids, PUC, dzarm. and Hering for you- that throw six annual collections from the north to the south of Brazil, with admirable capillary outlets and a wide range of products. Cia. Hering also has shops in Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia.
The company adopts a hybrid model of production, with its own manufacturing, outsourcing of production stages and outsourcing. It has eleven production units:  five of which are in Santa Catarina, five in Goiás and one in Rio Grande do Norte and distribution centers in Santa Catarina and Goiás. The headquarters is in Blumenau, SC, and São Paulo is home to part of the administration, such as management brands, investor relations, franchises and people management.

CHALLENGE: To support the client in regard to  defining, planning, performing, controlling and closing of the SAP implementation project so that Cia. Hering would have a more critical and free view from both:  the performance of the project and its management.

SOLUTION: In 2013, through the allocation of project managers who were in charge of tracking deadlines, assisting  in regard of defining the scope of the changes without losing the focus of the project, some procedures were set to obtain such controls. This work allowed Hering to take more effective action in cases of a deviation from the planning and to minimize delays due to daily monitoring. In addition, all the background was kept making it easier for the ones involved to charge anything leading to better decision-making.
According to William Diegoli Jr. (PHSAP² Manager):  the commitment of Datainfo professionals  regarding the monitoring and charging of deliverables, showing different assessments of performance, quality and compliance of the management members of Cia. Hering, played an important role in the definition and standardization of many indicators (KPI) for the project.

– Standardization of information such as schedules, estimates, reports, plans and processes;
– Scope, cost, time and quality controls;
– Risk identification with greater agility and definition of mitigation actions thereto;
– Improved communication and the environment;
– Transfer and maintenance of project management methodology;
– Structuring and centralizing information;
– Support Center to the project teams;
– Background (paperwork) of projects;
– Dissemination of results and lessons learned.

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