Outsourcing is an optimized form of service that is a based on the total or partial outsourcing of the area of Information Technology (IT) in your company. The cost benefit, constant training, the service level agreements, the volume demand and swiftness of this model are examples of strengths that make companies which do not have IT as a main business area  adopt such model.

In our outsourcing format, we apply a standard model and quality in  regard to the implementation of projects and services. We have a technical team made up of professionals with various specialties certified in different technologies and adopt working practices of the most renowned institutions and patterns of the world as PMI (Project Management Institute) CMMI (Capability Maturiry Model Integration), MPS.br (Brazilian Software Process Improvement), ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and ISO (Internation Organization for Standardization).

  • Our outsourcing model is divided into six major business areas which make up our proposed integrated outsourcing.


With our outsourcing model, your company becomes more competitive and improves its osition in the market.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Reduction of costs;
  • Focus on the business;
  • Access to new technologies;
  • Quality of service;
  • Security and high availability;
  • Service capacity of seasonal demands;
  • Skilled human capital;
  • Warranty and proper sizing resources;
  • Custom management;
  • Value adding;
  • Risk sharing;
  • Know-how transfer.
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