06The IT  consulting aims at providing customers with solutions that leads to innovation of operational, technological and administrative processes, making it possible to adapt them to the new demands of an ongoing changing environment and assisting them in the reduction of costs and increasing competitiveness.

Our consulting services rely on the experience and expertise of certified professionals who hold  many years of experience in the market. Besides, in order to always obtain the best results, we believe the knowledge held by our staff is the greatest asset of our company.

Our consulting portfolio consists of:

 *Implementation of Software Process;

  • Implementation of Software Methods;
  • Implementation of Software Metrics;
  • Consulting in Business Intelligence and Big Data;
  • Consulting in Software Architecture;
  • Consulting in Business Analysis;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of consulting in information technology:

  • Transference of  consulting knowledge to the client;
  • Application of best market practices;
  • Use of proven solutions on CASEs basis;
  • External view of the points to be improved at clients;
  • Improvement of actions based on  evaluation criteria.
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