19Process management seeks to understand the whole business in a systematic way and search through the integration and improvement to achieve greater maturity and a differentiated competitive position. Increasingly, managers of enterprises are seeking to implement mechanisms for aligning strategic objectives to the business operation.

Datainfo provides tools and practices, through a process management portfolio, which aim at reaching a standard for such processes and to identify, prioritize and implement improvements, as well as monitor the performance of processes and reduce costs in companies.

Our portfolio of process management consists of:

  • Mapping and modeling processes;
  • BPM (Business Process Management) tool implementation;
  • Maturity assessment of management processes;
  • Know How Transfer in management processes;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of process management:

  • Reduction of  costs and time;
  • Better coordination between departments;
  • Increase in customer satisfaction;
  • Integration of information;
  • Automation, flexibility and continuous improvement.
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