04Service management is a set of best practices that meets the new style of management in the area of Information Technology allowing an increase in the maturity of the IT management process and stating the importance of IT for such organization.

One of the main challenges of IT Service Management is the structuring, release and operation services which are aligned, as well as supporting the business goals by improving the efficiency of daily operations and allowing the organization to offer high quality services and increase the satisfaction of customers.

For the best results in the service management, we use best practices recognized by the market. Therefore, we have a team of ITIL , ISO 20.000 and COBIT certified managers and analysts

Our service  management portfolio consists of:

  • Service management using ITIL;
  • Service management using ISO 20.000;
  • Deployment of governance model with COBIT;
  • Assessment of the maturity of services;
  • Deployment of Services management tool;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of service management:

  • Improvement of the quality of IT services, making them more reliable to support the implementation of business strategy;
  • Clarity in view of the current capacity of the Information Technology area in delivering and supporting IT services required by the organization;
  • Setting of clear contact points between IT and customer areas;
  • Better information on the current IT services enabling and prioritizing changes and improvements required;
  • Improvement of the image of IT by improving the quality of information technology services;
  • Safety and reliability of the continuity of IT services,increase of the  ability to restore services when needed.
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