11Companies seek to manage their information effectively, safely and quickly. In the era of abundance of information stored in the database, it is necessary to ensure good implementation and configuration of database management systems (DBMS).

Databases were formed in recent decades as the main basis of information from companies and have become vital to its growth.

Datainfo provides management services to leading banks market data, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL and DB2.  Our database management services offers your company the efficiency, safety and performance that it really needs.


Our portfolio of databases consists of :

  • Database Installation and configuration;
  • Database Tuning;
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies;
  • Database Upgrade and Update;
  • Database Service monitoring;
  • Continued support in the database.

Benefits of our database portfolio:

  • Up to date databases;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Efficiency in solving problems;
  • Ready reliable service;
  • Experience in various databases.
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