While information is considered to be the main asset of a company, they are also at constant risk as never before.

Both outside and within their environment, threats are constantly present, which makes security solutions a mandatory requirement for companies.

To obtain better results in safety management we use the best practices recognized by the market and, for this, we have a team of managers, analysts and technicians certified in ISO 27002, CISM, CISA, CISSP and Security +.

Our security portfolio consists of:

  • Plan Management and Security Policies;
  • Audits of Security Policies;
  • Vulnerability Analysis;
  • Implementation and Configuration of Firewalls;
  • Implementation of proxies;
  • Implementation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN);
  • Installation and Antivirus Software Configuration;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of the security portfolio:

  • Efficient and productive vulnerability management;
  • Increased reliability of the IT environment;
  • Loss prevention of information assets;
  • Prevention to  future attacks;
  • Security and high availability.
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