15With the recent change of tax liabilities by the federal government, the re have been some implementations regarding the electronic invoice project that has replaced the issue of a tax document on paper, with legal and fiscal validity, simplifying the accessory obligations of taxpayers and allowing the same time, the real-time monitoring of business operations by the tax authorities.

We may conceptualize the Electronic Invoice as a digital-only existing document issued and stored electronically in order to serve for tax purposes, a circulation operation of goods or the provision of services, which took place between parties. Its legal validity is guaranteed by the sender’s digital signature and use authorization provided by tax authorities.

Datainfo NF-e solution allows customers to make the management of electronic invoices following the law demands in a safe manner, performance and transparency in the sales process as well as  billing both products and services.

Benefits of NF-e:

  • Improved fiscal control process;
  • Increased reliability of the invoice;
  • Facilitation and simplification of tax and bookkeeping;
  • Print cost reduction of the tax document;
  • Simplification of accessory obligations;
  • Use of electronic relationships with customers (B2B) is encouraged.

Technical characteristics of the NF-e:

  • 100% web-based with the use of Java technology;
  • Secure protocol for information transfer;
  • Standard settings and predefined;
  • Easy integration with ERP and legacy systems.
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