23For businesses it is not an easy task to define the best strategy evolution of a legacy system. Most of legacy systems are essential for a business to continue, therefore, they must always be in operation. In the current scenario, most companies need to modernize their systems and those updates are not always straightforward and often require major changes, affecting parts of these legacy systems that are essential for business.

With the use of processes and development methods focused on evolutionary and adaptive maintenance, Datainfo has extensive experience in systems maintenance acting at all stages of project development, from requirement gathering, functional and technical analysis, programming, testing, implementation and monitoring with the end user, and be responsible for project management in all its stages.

Our portfolio of the maintenance of legacy systems consists of:

  • Development of various technologies, such as Oracle Forms and Reports, Delphi, GeneXus, Cobol, Java, PHP, SQL and PL / SQL, Visual Basic, C, C #, and many others.
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of maintaining legacy systems:

  • Technical consultancy focused on the client’s business;
  • Guarantee of survival at important legacy systems to enterprise;
  • Quality of maintenance warranty;
  • Standardization in the maintenance of the systems;
  • System’s documentation update;
  • Use of best development practices;
  • Productivity and swiftness in developments.
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