07The functionalities of an ERP system represent a generic solution that reflects a number of considerations about the way businesses operate in general. For flexible use, the ERP systems were developed so that the generic solution can be customized. Currently most companies customize their ERPs, customization is done to make them more flexible and to meet business process needs.

Datainfo customization services help customers adapt the ERP operational needs and processes to obtain proper solutions to your business. We have a highly qualified team to meet those needs.

Our System customization portfolio consists of the following services:

  • Customizing SAP ERP;
  • Customizing ORACLE ERP;
  • Customizing Microsoft Dynamics ERP;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of system customizations:

  • Flexibility that adapts to your business;
  • Decrease in operating costs of your business, as it simplifies and streamlines ERP business needs;
  • Greater integration of data and strategic information from different areas of the company;
  • Increase the added value of ERP;
  • Higher level of ERP adherence to business processes;
  • ERP fully aligned to business needs.
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