21Currently, companies have different information systems that support their business processes. These range from tailored applications developed for different IT suppliers to large commercial softwares, developed with different technologies. The challenge is to integrate such applications without the need to unify environments, platforms and technologies.

Datainfo system integration services  help customers to maximize business goals through the proper integration between ERPs and specific systems. We have a team of professional experts with extensive experience in systems integration.

Our systems integration portfolio consists of :

  • Integration of satellite systems with SAP ERP;
  • Integration of satellite systems with ERP ORACLE;
  • Integration of satellite systems with Microsoft DynamicsERP;
  • Integration of satellite systems with CRM solutions;
  • System integration with tax and fiscal solutions;
  • Integration of legacy systems;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of system integration:

  • Improves speed and security in communication between systems;
  • Sets standards  in the construction of the interfaces;
  • Provides documentation of all software products generated;
  • Allows to share share business processes;
  • Facilitates the sharing of data and information;
  • Allows to add, update or remove applications without impact on the integration environment.
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