09The current market has no more boundaries, the worldwide communication network, the Internet, allows us to be closer to our customers and suppliers on daily basis. The Web is the new business method, and to follow such trend systems which enable swiftness, ease and mainly speed for connection.

Besides, nowadays you have the ideal partner to support your company in building systems for the Web platform.  Datainfo, with its wide experience offers the most modern and efficient internet based solutions and ensures Web systems are swifter, easier and more flexible for your business.

Our web development portfolio consists of :

  • Java systems development using Primefaces framework;
  • System development in PHP using Sinfony framework;
  • System development in .Net with C# and ASP.net;
  • System development in Oracle Application Express platform;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of our web development portfolio:

  • Use of the latest and most modern technologies;
  • Standardization in the construction of software;
  • Documentation of all the products that make up the software;
  • Use of best development practices;
  • Productivity and agility in development;
  • Quality control to ensure a tested product.
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