17The challenge of testing analysts is always to try harder and better, find as many faults as soon as possible without increasing costs or deadlines. Conventional tests end up not being able to cover all the needs especially when it involves repetitive tasks, applications with long life cycles and tests that must be carried out with greater frequency or volume.

In addition to providing specialized professionals, methodology and testing techniques, Datainfo offers an innovative solution that allows the automation is smarter than the scripts of conventional tests.

With the concept of a testing robot, our projects can  implemente for each customer,  a knowledge-based solution, masses of data and a framework that allows the customer a constant evolution of the extent and types of relevant tests for your applications.

Our portfolio of automated test consists of:

  • Implementation of automated testing methodology;
  • Automated accessibility tests;
  • Automated security testing;
  • Automated test code auditing;
  • Functional automated tests;
  • Automated performance testing;
  • Automated usability testing;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of automated testing:

  • Increasing the quality of the tested software;
  • Proactively identifying errors in software;
  • Decrease the error rate of the software in production;
  • Greater satisfaction of end users;
  • Greater test coverage being made in software;
  • Reduction effort to create and maintain scripts;
  • High reusability of test scripts;
  • Reduction of the time to run tests;
  • Production applications with greater uptime to users.
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