Conventional tests are essential for you to find defects at early stages, when they´re cheaper to be  fixed.  They´re testing may be, without much previous effort, after delivering a usual part of the software. The tester will easily check input fields or design screens, discover instant possible defects form.

Conventional tests are also used for ease of application, since it is enough to use the system as if in a production environment, simulating some entries and recording the results. Usually these tests are applied when they involve more intellectual tasks and requiring analysis and logical thinking, usability testing, dynamic tasks and / or systems that have short life cycle.

Datainfo provides software testing services throughout the systems development lifecycle according to software engineering. Our professionals are trained and specialized and our testing services using the most modern methods and testing techniques.

Our portfolio of conventional tests consists of:

  • Implementation of conventional tests methodology;
  • Conventional tests of accessibility;
  • Conventional tests of safety;
  • Conventional tests of code audit;
  • Functional conventional tests;
  • Conventional tests of usability;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of conventional tests:

  • Proactively identifying errors in software;
  • Decrease of error rate of the software in production;
  • Greater satisfaction of end users;
  • Production applications with greater uptime to users.
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